Word for the Wise is a guide to preparing academic documents, especially scientific documents, with Microsoft Word. It is perfect for preparing a thesis, dissertation or paper.

At the time I write, Word is at version 12, but this short book refers to the features of Word 7. Most of its advice still applies, but I can’t guarantee it will work with your version of Word. Perhaps, one day, I’ll rewrite it for the latest version of Open Office. As this is an open document [see below], you could even do this yourself.

I provide this page and the linked content because my stats tell me that people are still finding it useful. Besides, there are still active links to this resource and linkrot is a Bad Thing.

Download the book

You can get Word for the Wise in various formats:

Download the sample files

There are various sample files which are used to illustrate some
of the main principles in the book.

I have tried to provide them in lots of different formats.

They are available…

Mail me if you have any problems with the sample files or would like another file format to be included.


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